A Political Curse

Political Curse

Did you know politics can be a source of blessing or curse? Well, if you did not know how politics can be a curse, you need to know it can be a key tool of failure. How is politics a tool failure in most states in the world? Here is a critical review of how politics have delayed economic, social and environmental development.

Politics is an ancient mode of leadership that was initiated before the birth of Jesus with the intention to govern and lead people to developmental progress.

Politics legally allows a branch of a people in the society to hold positions of power to control the magnitude of development economically, socially, environmentally and universally.

However, most political leaders in the world and across different states have assumed political positions with a whole different initiative. Most of the world leaders we know are in office to settle some scores somewhere.

Moreover, others are in political positions to create wealth, build their name, and most definitely squander money.

Therefore, politics is a tool of government that entails leadership values in an individual. A leader in a political position is a blessing or a curse within and beyond his or her political jurisdiction.

Good Political Values

Let’s take an example of President Obama. President Obama is a key figure in the political leader. Obama leadership was characterized by the spirit of unity, hope, resilience, and development.

Most world citizens saw Obama a true leader which a true fact. President Obama gave people hope, that is a social development pivot. He inspired people of color that they can beyond skin pigments. He united the world politically.

President Obama attracted a wealth of investments across the countries he visited. Obama is just a good example of good leadership. But do you know why? Because President Obama had reliable and true leadership and political values.

Then who is a good example of a political curse? It is clear that most African political leaders are a true example political curse. See African countries led by selfish leaders, egocentric people, and self-centered leaders.

Example of Political Curse

Most African leader as you knows without mentioning one view politics as a source of individual wealth. They view politics aa s bank and as a hall of fame. These are political leaders who have no clue of governship and leadership.

They focus of whom I reward for voting for me. Who do I walk with to steal more money?

However, this is a real curse. And no wonder many African countries have ever lived beyond donations. Most African leader is never focused on problem solving but individual and self-circle benefits. I commons call them Thieves and my enemies. Out of unstudied 80% of political leaders in Africa are pure thieves in power.

The African curses are pegged on political leadership. Politicians in Africa are those people with walking physical evidence of reach thieves. They commonly have big stomachs full of unhealthy fats, computers they do not know how to use, cars that they do not know minor operations, and houses that contain no sleep.

These are significant elements that depict individual curse in a true cursed leader. These are a political curse people. The cursed political values and stealing character has been trickled to other areas in the society such as company management, children in schools, homes, and social groups.

If only the cursed political leaders knew the value of a good life, they would create their individual happy lives in the circles of national development and national growth. A good national infrastructure and health is a true pride to benefit them even after retirement.


Politics was not meant for anyone but for inborn and well trained leaders. People who find happiness in the development of everyone. People who growth in other people growth.

People who seek national pride, not a personal entitlement. People who keep fit for a healthy life. People who just love life knowing they won’t secure their afterlife based on the amount of property and wealth.

Cummon poor minded people and let’s seek the development of our people and that of everyone. No one has the world title deed and a map of heaven. Stay humble and seek what makes you genuinely happy.

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Author: Festus

Life Enthusiasts! MSc. Tourism Management | Serene Destination Managing Consultant | Researcher | Tutor | Blogger | Article Writer | Swimming Instructor | Salsa Dancer | Husband | Life student.


Life Enthusiasts! MSc. Tourism Management | Serene Destination Managing Consultant | Researcher | Tutor | Blogger | Article Writer | Swimming Instructor | Salsa Dancer | Husband | Life student.

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